“Plus Size”

Sports illustrated is breaking the Internet.  For the first time in its history the cover features a curvy model, Ashley Graham. 

While I am glad that the media is finally starting to portray more body positive images, less photoshop and real curves. It is disappointing that women sized 10-12 which is the average American woman size, are considered to be a “plus” size. In that case what would they call someone that is a size 6? 4? 0? 
This is not about pinning women against each other or comparisons skinny vs. curvy.  

Can we just for a moment stop with the labels, a woman is a woman at any size. 

You are beautiful at any size…love your curvas! 



There I was sitting in my kitchen with an open box of captain crunch. Devouring it like a savage, a few minutes in I knew exactly what I was doing but I kept going anyway. After a while of munchin and crunchin, feeling my mouth a little stale from all the artificial sugar I finally stopped. 

I took myself through a flashback of the day. I made great choices for breakfast and lunch but like a typical Monday it was extremely stressful. I worked 11 hours straight and didn’t get my usual mid day workout which I felt horrible about. Lunch was the last meal I ate before I arrived home. I was upset I didn’t force myself to workout but I felt physically and mentally drained. On the way home I contemplated having some wine to relax me and make me feel better,  but I didn’t instead I had a nice yummy chicken and spinach salad when I arrived home… but I was still hungry. 

You know the hunger that’s not physical hunger, it’s the make me feel better….I don’t feel emotionally well hunger, the one that makes you eat things like captain crunch…lol. As I sat there with the sweet, pasty cardboard taste still in my mouth I wondered why I do this from time to time.

 I don’t have the complete answer but I’ve improved throughout the years. I think what has minimized this sabotage is the awareness that I am allowing my emotions to choose and that somehow food comforts me. One thing has definitely changed in the last year and that is that I didn’t feel one ounce of guilty, no beat up…nada! I think this is a minimal step you can take in having a healthy mindset. Repeat after me: It’s done and that’s it…now time to make a new choice. 

Healthy Hugs,