3 tips to get over self doubt

No matter how far we get in our journey, we all reach an invisible line that when we get close to crossing it fear overcomes us. Crippling us like a crumpled piece of paper slowly crushed by our very own hand. 

The line is invisible because it’s all things we’ve made up in our head based on what someone told us, societal expectations, our peers, past experiences or what we’ve made up about it. I don’t know about you, but I sure have loads of stories conjured about myself  that only exist in my head. It’s taken time to challenge those perceptions and be in action despite of it. But I still come across these moments where there is a delay in crossing this invisible line. The good news is I’ve found ways to shorten this time of doubt and I want to share 3 tips with you.

Feel the feelings

Most people avoid or push away the uncomfortable emotions when they come. I know no one looks forward to wanting to feel fearful today. The more we push what is happening aside, the stronger it gets. Like the bad guys in the movies. So surrender, with a time limit. I’m going to give myself 24 hours to feel shitty and sulk but tomorrow I’m going to take XYZ action.

Claim your brilliance 

We are amazing, just suffered a little amnesia in the moment. So what makes us such incredible human beings? Ask yourself? Make a list of all the things you never thought you’d accomplish but did. Phone a family member or friend if you need support with this. I am sure they have a long list of reasons how you make a difference for them. 

Now, get over yourself

Ha! I know for me many times when I get stuck in my head it’s because I’m thinking about how I look, what it seems like, reactions I may or may not get and completely lose sight of why I wanted to take action in the first place. Connect with the importance of your goal, how will it impact others. Most of the time the difference we can make for one person supercedes all the imaginary stuff that may or may not happen. We just need to get out of our own way.