Tired of being tired

For a while now I’ve been able to manage my extreme fatigue. Some days are better than others. Lately it hasn’t been kind to me, slowly draining me out of all my enthusiasm and energy. Last week I did some follow up work after a number of blood tests in the past few years as you may recall my doctor found that I had subclinical hypothyroid symptoms. I finally confirmed what my gut has been telling me all along that something is wrong. I have hashimotos disease, no I’m not dying although some days I feel like parts of me are from so much fatigue. Along with fatigue come muscle, joint pain and weight gain…oh vey! Like I needed more obstacles to get in my way. That rhymed didn’t it? 🤔 lol….

The journey continues….

If you ever feel something is wrong push for testing, some doctors are easy to dismiss early signs. Get a full hormone panel etc. Ask for a copy of your results, do your own research. My last examination t3/t4 and TSH were all within a normal range (now I’m talking terminator lingo) but I saw I had thyroid antibodies (which the doctor dismissed). Luckily I saw a specialist and can now begin to manage my symptoms. Everything is making a lot more sense especially the yo-yo weight cycles and rapid weight gain. 

Till next time,

Love + Light