Have you ever noticed that whenever you really want something….everything happens…all at once. It feels like the ceiling is coming down on you, while the earth is trying to swallow you whole. No way out! A bit dramatic eh….

This is exactly how I felt coming into the new year. Christmas Eve I was showing off my merengue moves at a family fiesta, when I came to a halt, “pop” was the sound that echoed from my knees.

 I managed to limp around for the next 2 weeks, jeez I never realized how many stairs I went up and down on a daily basis. Imagine rush hour, NYC, subways and me taking baby steps up and down the stairs 🙈. I’m improving with physical therapy, but no lower body exercising, which means no squats, no cardio. What !?!

Instead of whining about not being able to do cardio which I need or do my favorite exercises, I’ll be over there at the ergo meter (the machine that looks like a bicycle for the arms) smiling because at least I’m getting something done.

I think when obstacles get in our paths no matter the journey, it’s to push you to think differently and to test how bad you really want it. Nothing you desire is easily attainable, if it was you would already have it. Fitness is not easy, neither is changing old habit patterns. It will be a fight, but you can win!