Love your body again

I was sitting in the kitchen doing my usual routine, scanning through social media, liking pictures, congratulating people, reading articles that capture my short attention span… all while acknowledging that I should be writing because I have a book to write and a deadline. Then as I am perusing my emails I read the headline “love your body again” naturally capturing my attention because I love all positive messages and then bam! A side by side picture of someone’s fat stomach and a terribly photo shopped thinner one on the left. With the message under it “this miracle pill can burn fat fast” 

huh?!? 🙄 

I don’t know about you but I am tired of being told to love my body by drinking a magic pill or wearing spanks or an incredible uncomfortable corset that in my opinion only makes me look worse. How about being told to love ourselves right now at this moment!

This is not to say don’t want to be fit and healthy but you are ok just he way you are right now and it’s ok if you want better or different but be ok with you right now.