There I was sitting in my kitchen with an open box of captain crunch. Devouring it like a savage, a few minutes in I knew exactly what I was doing but I kept going anyway. After a while of munchin and crunchin, feeling my mouth a little stale from all the artificial sugar I finally stopped. 

I took myself through a flashback of the day. I made great choices for breakfast and lunch but like a typical Monday it was extremely stressful. I worked 11 hours straight and didn’t get my usual mid day workout which I felt horrible about. Lunch was the last meal I ate before I arrived home. I was upset I didn’t force myself to workout but I felt physically and mentally drained. On the way home I contemplated having some wine to relax me and make me feel better,  but I didn’t instead I had a nice yummy chicken and spinach salad when I arrived home… but I was still hungry. 

You know the hunger that’s not physical hunger, it’s the make me feel better….I don’t feel emotionally well hunger, the one that makes you eat things like captain crunch…lol. As I sat there with the sweet, pasty cardboard taste still in my mouth I wondered why I do this from time to time.

 I don’t have the complete answer but I’ve improved throughout the years. I think what has minimized this sabotage is the awareness that I am allowing my emotions to choose and that somehow food comforts me. One thing has definitely changed in the last year and that is that I didn’t feel one ounce of guilty, no beat up…nada! I think this is a minimal step you can take in having a healthy mindset. Repeat after me: It’s done and that’s it…now time to make a new choice. 

Healthy Hugs,



Let’s pretend this is easy

I could have continued on my roller coaster ride and kept it all to myself. I am here because I want the world to stop pretending….pretending that things are easy and short cuts are real. If you purchase a waist cincher I guarantee the biggest change you are going to see will be in your bank account if you don’t implement other changes. 

Are you feeling motivated today? Let’s pretend you are going to wake up like this everyday, you are going to be motivated and do everything you set out to do perfectly. You are going to drink cayenne pepper lemonade drinks, eat celery and chicken, (because that’s how you get skinny fast) won’t ever cheat on your diet and workout 30 minutes a day. Then a magical fairy will come down from the heavens and stop you from feeling as hungry as a ravishing bear just out of hibernation. You wake up one day (like a week later, because that’s how fast we want to see results) looking exactly how you want to….everything is perfect! Because there is such thing as feeling fully satisfied for us women. 😏 Anyone care to stop me?

I’m here to support women by letting them know, hey you’re not alone. It’s totally normal to feel good about yourself, totally guilty about eating food and beat yourself up all within a span of 5 minutes. We are crazy, yes I’ll admit it I’m not normal, but at least I’m not alone in my crazy and neither are you. The part that is often neglected when it comes to reaching weight loss goals is the mental anguish we put ourselves through. I want to help you feel good about yourself at this very moment while you look in that mirror, while slowly working towards what you want to achieve. Slow down the mental beat up, throw the diet out the window (no celery, lemonade fads here) we’ll get more into “dieting” later. Stop! don’t pick up all those cupcakes and still think the results will magically appear, it still takes work. You will have to change things, slowly.  You won’t go from eating rice and beans to lettuce and fish overnight, the best thing is you don’t have to. Carbs are not evil gremlins that make you fat, they are necessary. Losing weight is a process, It’s going to be a long time before you even think anything is happening and even then you won’t be satisfied because you don’t see it but others will. I’m just here to cheer you along the way.

Do you happen to follow any fitness models on Instagram, thinking this is going to inspire you to work out then realize these women have no idea what it’s like to be chunky or considered obese and their biggest battle is trying to eat more because they can’t 😒 . How encouraging is it really for you to see the perfectly shaped abs. Does it really make you feel good about yourself, or shameful? guilty? Because you don’t always make the best choices and sometimes when you’re out with your kids you want some fries too, oh wait that’s me, not you. I love food, my biggest battle is NOT putting food in my mouth. I am learning along the way, I’ve fallen more times than I can count. I’ve also succeeded, yes I’ve had abs…actually we all have them they are just in hibernation waiting for you. I’m here to support your battle against yourself and to create awareness of common pitfalls when embarking on a fitness journey. I won’t stop until it’s done in a balanced fun way.