Domino effect

The other day, I was beating myself up a bit because I made some not so great choices on the weekend. You know summer time beer and weekends they go great together. I woke up late and in a rush of course I didn’t peep my food on the weekend I was too busy having fun and didn’t have time to prep food in the morning or have breakfast. As a result I didn’t really make the best choice for lunch, I was ordering out and I didn’t want healthy food I was craving Thai. I was also starving, so on impulse I allowed my taste buds to decide instead of my brain.  Plus it was really busy so I didn’t have time to workout because I didn’t get a break during the day. I didn’t want to workout because I was tired and talking negatively to myself (these habits are taking work to break). My brain and body were having an intense battle. YES, NO, YES, NO.  After I finished a long stressful day at work around almost 9pm….I said fuck it I’m just working out. And I started and I feel so much better and I’m glad I did. If I would have not just done it, I would have just continued a perpetual cycle of feeling bad and guilty and not doing anything about it. Then I realized that this is perfectly normal. It’s all part of the process, shit is not always going to be perfect…it’s the choice you make at that time that matters not what happened before. Make the choice, make it happen…not tomorrow…TODAY!


Celebrate the win

This morning as I was starting my day I weighed myself, now why did I decide to put myself through that mental anguish? I am well aware that the number on the scale does not matter. I am a massochist, so it seems.

 Of course being displeased with the number I saw beneath me dragged me right into another activity which does nothing to benefit me….beat up. You know all those lovely thoughts I had about myself

“I should have been farther”

“Maybe if I was stricter with my eating”

“Why isn’t it happening faster”

“I’m still fat”

Should I go on? 

Then as I was brushing my teeth feeding myself this garbage, I looked at my reflection as I washed my face and it clicked. As I stared at my face, I looked a little different. I could see it in my face. I’ve lost 20lbs since beginning, even with me not being completely consistent the  last few months but its 20lbs!! I was overjoyed! In that moment I reminded myself that I just have to stay consistent…that’s my goal. Often times we are so consumed with the way things should go, that we forget to celebrate the small wins. Celebrate every win….you went to the gym, you ate broccoli, turned down greasy food, told yourself you’re pretty, thought something positive. Whatever it is celebrate it and keep on celebrating because before you know it you’ll be where you want to be. One chicho dissapears at a time, but meanwhile love those chichos ๐Ÿ˜œ 

Love Your Curvas

For many the question is if you love your curvas why are you trying to change? 

Love your curvas is not a size, it’s about embracing who you are…the curves that define your body. Whether it’s perceived as big or small. It doesn’t mean you can’t work towards fitness goals, or stay as you are if that’s what you’d like…just be comfortable in your own skin. 

Loving yourself through whatever journey you are on. Having a healthy mindset and feeling beautiful regardless of the number on the back of their jeans.

Healthy Hugs

Magic Pill

Entering day 23 feeling pretty good, the scale has not changed dramatically but I’m fitting into some of my old shirts, I haven’t gotten into the pants yet but I’m being patient; it will come. I think one of the hardest things (besides eating less ๐Ÿ˜) about weight loss or physical transformation is waiting and trusting that what you are doing is actually working. I think this goes for other things as well, we are always so certain things will go wrong. We are constantly looking for shortcuts to achieve the results we want because we want everything right NOW! We are evolving into a society where instant gratification is what we are accustomed to. 

With this process part of the learning or re-learning is that there is no shortcut, no instant gratification. The magic pill is hard work and persistence. If you need reassurance take progress pics every 2 weeks, you’ll see a difference even if perceived as a minor one. 

“The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in the dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the light” – Sandra Kring 

We are like the tiny seed, no matter what life throws at you, stay focused on your growth. Trust yourself, trust the process. One day at a time.

Healthy Hugs



so I noticed that most of the time when I write I’m in a “bad place” I guess it’s because being able to express myself makes me feel better when I’m in those situations. Just an interesting observation. 

Well on 7/15/15 I signed up to The Ultimate Oxygen Challenge, (

it’s a 90 day challenge that comes with exercises, recipes, meal plan etc. I chose #TeamAmanda because I am a huge fan of Amanda Latona and have been following her for at least 10 years she has always been one of my favorite fitness role models. Plus she is the booty queen ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘ what lady doesn’t want some amazing ASSets ๐Ÿ˜‰.

 I’ve been searching for balance since I decided to take a break after my first competition and I haven’t been able to find it. Quite honestly I haven’t put 100% into anything yet, well I did somewhat following iifym and was getting results, but like most people got thrown off track when I took a vacation. I am still using this approach during the challenge and it’s what I love the most about it, it’s real life! Not a cookie cutter diet or starvation. 

Today is day 19 I’ve seen some changes although nothing major on the scale which can be a little frustrating but I am being patient because I know it could be muscle. This takes time! I am embracing this new found motivation. Plus it really helps that we have a page and a lot of women are engaged so we motivate one another. Which brings me to something important, it’s easy to get derailed when doing something on your own, or you feel alone. This is not easy, find or create a group for accountability by e-mail or text. I created a text group to motivate some other friends while I am doing this challenge too. Everyone needs support. If you don’t know anyone maybe take up classes at the local gym or hire a trainer. If it’s important to you find a way! 

I’ll be updating soon

Healthy kisses ๐Ÿ˜˜ I believe in you!