In the last few weeks (7) to be exact I’ve been focusing on flexible eating. I get to eat normal foods not just chicken and vegetable all the time, if I want to indulge a bit or have a drink I can. So is it a miracle diet? Nope it’s just eating in moderation. I’ve lost about 15lbs and counting so far, slowly reversing all the damage I’ve done by binging in the last 1.5 years. I started following the diet doc program. I highly recommend his book 50 days to your best life- Joe Klemczewski. You will have to track macronutrients and weigh yourself on a daily basis. It does take discipline but you learn a lot about the way your body processes certain nutrients and what works best for you (no cookie cutter crap). Is it fool proof…NO! Like everything else in life it all depends on your effort. I also like that in case things don’t go according to plan I can always improvise. 

Throughout the last few weeks I’ve also been practicing mindfulness, making sure that I am being kind to myself. More and more I am embracing the present moment and it is helping my well being. I can even go shopping and not feel dissapointed anymore…lol. While I work towards what I want, I embrace my body as it is. I wish you the same too!