Fall from Grace 

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve failed after one of my biggest triumphs. I won’t blame my metabolism or the diet I held for a year to get there, I blame myself. I got carried away and indulged a bit….ok a maybe a whole lot and I don’t regret it 100% because I enjoyed everything I ate 😋.
I’m not encouraging people to go crazy eating but I won’t sit here and regret what already happened, it won’t make me fit again it will just make me feel bad about myself and what do I gain with that? It’s not changing anything!

So what now?
I acknowledge that I need to find a more realistic and balanced approach to losing weight, one that works for me. I’m not knocking people that enjoy extreme dieting but the feeling deprived then guilty roller coaster ride is not one that I am looking forward to.
Just remember whenever you fall down, don’t stay there, don’t dwell….dust yourself off and get the hell up!
To those disappointed that I’m human, sorry.
I’m determined to find an answer, I’ll keep you posted of my journey.