Emotional hunger

Yep that’s me! I’m an emotional eater…..Sometimes I don’t know why I eat, but there is something I find comforting about food, not to mention delicious. I haven’t quite figured out what it is that I’m lacking besides awareness at that specific moment that leads to unnecessary binging. By binging I don’t mean a disastrous amount of chips, cookies, chocolate and pizza…..

Rather, eating until I am stuffed……Or even picking at several different random snacks, when I’m not really that hungry.
What I do notice is that whenever I make poor choices I am either:
A. Sad, Happy, Stressed, bored… (insert emotion here)
B. Starving ( I guess this might be considered an emotion) Have you ever seen me hungry? 👀 not a great sight think T-Rex 🐲 😬 close enough.
This is not a healthy habit and one that I struggle to change even today. Sure, there have been some improvements but like with anything in life it won’t happen overnight, it takes time and practice. Most of all patience and compassion towards myself. No beat up allowed or shaming myself because nothing constructive comes out of that.
What I find has helped me curb emotional eating is eating more frequently (every 3-4 hours) 5-6 small well proportioned meals a day.
Additionally, planning and packing my meals. This way I am never starving, which causes me to settle for anything nutritional or not…..usually not. I am sure you have heard the saying:
Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Another tip and I mention it all the time is drinking enough water. Signs of hunger might just be thirst. (We’ll get more in depth with the importance of water and hydration in future posts)
I think the most important thing of all is being in the moment completely aware, this will eventually unlock your triggers to emotional eating and give you the answers you need to assist you in making more conscious choices in the future.
Stay tuned for more discoveries.
healthy hugs


Before & After

Here is a picture of me in 2003 when I was 9 months pregnant with my son vs. me earlier this year at my first bikini competition. Needless to say it took a tremendous amount of courage to stand on stage in a itty bitty bikini with stretch marks and imperfections for the world to see. I am proud of my accomplishment. If I can do it so can you!