About Me

My name is Jaquí Rodriguez, I recently became an amateur NPC bikini competitor (did my first show July, 2013) after at one point reaching 240lbs. I am not your average fit girl….my weight fluctuates like my moods 😃😨😢😁😍😝 lol…. I have stretch marks, scars and insecurities one of those much less than the other two 😉

Looking back at old pictures of me and seeing how far I’ve come feels surreal. This picture was taken February 2004. Had I known then the transformation that was about to unfold, I probably would have documented it. Believe it or not, I never expected to lose over 100 lbs…. I was building something much bigger than what I ever imagined, one tiny pebble at a time.


Follow me on my journey of struggle, discoveries, aha moments and achievements as I learn and explore reaching a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Random facts about me:

• I did not enjoy veggies until a few years ago ( I still refuse to eat mushrooms, is that a veggie or p___p😳) is pizza a veggie? 😏
• I am a super mom of 2 boys
• My first time wearing a bikini was in 2011 ( no, I’m not kidding)
• I love lifting heavy (it won’t make you look like a man)
• I’m obsessed with leg and booty workouts

• I struggle with extremism (might be my Scorpio nature)

• I don’t hide my emotions well. 😈😇 aka I can’t and don’t fake it.

• I’m not perfect and don’t pretend to be so please throw away that pedestal.

• I’m a New Yorker, (pronounced Noo Yawka) raised in Brooklyn

I am also not a nutritionist, medical advisor, dietician or consultant please check with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.
Everything I write is from my personal experiences and struggles with weight loss and gain.