3 steps

Eating right is not an easy transition to make for someone accustomed to making poor choices in food and loving it. Then lets not mention the partying and countless happy hours that lead to excessive alcohol consumption.When I decided that I was going to lose weight the first time around I did it through flexible dieting, this is when you count calories throughout the day and eat smaller portions, It was a little difficult nothing compared to the battles I have fought recently.

Because although I cut my caloric intake (Always stayed above 1200 cal per day) I wasn’t making the healthiest choices. Yes I lost a drastic amount of weight (120lbs in 18 months) but I could have made better decisions …like incorporating a lot more protein, not eating junk, eating fruits and vegetables. Although I lost all the weight I wasn’t tight and toned. I think that was due to excessive cardio (running) , eating foods high in fat and not eating sufficient protein to build muscle. You can count calories to lose weight just make sure you hit your carbohydrate and protein intake necessary, check iifym.com
In the past year I had a very strict diet (specifically for body building) that combined protein, carbohydrates and very minimal fats it lasted about 7 months. I was lean and mean but it wasn’t something I could sustain. After my first show I started eating everything and anything I deprived myself of….oh oh (that’s my fat mind) and gained some weight. I continued working out but eating better became a challenge again. It happens time and time again the yo-yo is frustrating. I have never been able to maintain a specific weight for a long period of time. I am rarely balanced, I have an extreme nature, this adds to the challenge.

I realize that the missing link between my choices and my goals resides in my mind.
3 simple steps that can support you in getting started today:
#1 Decide

Yes it sounds very simple but writing down reasons why losing weight is important to you will keep you focused and motivated in the long run. Keep it somewhere visible, like the mirror or fridge.
#2 Be Aware

When you are hungry, first drink water to make sure you are not thirsty. Then check in with your emotions, what are you really feeling? Are you sad, bored…etc. Make sure it’s actual hunger and not just mindless eating or emotional eating. That is when we eat just to eat to eat or to just comfort emotions.
#3 Say Cheese

Take a current picture in a bikini :0 and put it in a place where you see it everyday. Every 2 weeks replace with an updated progress picture. This works because you actually see your progress and that what you are doing is working. Then you want more if it!
*Don’t focus on the scale….focus on the inches. Make sure you measure your progress.
healthy hugs