In the beginning….

I was never a skinny girl, I guess I can thank my mother for that. In my culture (Dominicana) chubby children = healthy children, so every time I saw my mom I was greeted with a full spoon. As I continued growing up I carried around the extra pounds it wasn’t anything out of control but I was just chubby. I constantly fluctuated between 145-155, sometimes reaching 160. It never really bothered me until I turned 16-17 I took weight training for gym in High School and I loved it. I took fitness as a recreational hobby and lost about 15-20lbs, I also tried every fat burning pill you can think of…this was when Ephedra was legal (oh how I wish it still was) I always gained the weight back, it snuck up on me ALL the time….I could never get rid of it completely.Things didn’t get any better when I got pregnant with my first child at 19, I slowly started gaining weight….I was eating everything because I was pregnant and I could (boy was I wrong!) Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner….no kidding. McDonald’s all the time and lots of soda (what was I thinking?) I didn’t know any better, so I didn’t take care of myself. In addition to my poor nutritional choices I was diagnosed with preeclampsia during the last month of my pregnancy which causes water retention and swelling, I gained about 50-60lbs total with this pregnancy. Not soon after (2 months to be exact) I was pregnant again and old habit die hard so you know what that means…..I was eating exactly the same. This added another 30lbs or 40lbs by the end of my second pregnancy I was at a whopping 240lbs. I was barely recognizable!

I wasn’t in a rush to drop the pounds, I had 2 small children under 1 and a full time job. I couldn’t make time! Eventually, I was transferred to California and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. California brought many transformations and growth for me….physically, spiritually and mentally. The first year there didn’t bring many changes maybe 15lbs less. My weight didn’t really bother me, until I started looking at pictures and notice how big I had gotten. In 2005 I decided to start working out, I hired a personal trainer and got to work. I hated ALL the Cardio machines, the only thing that kept me on was my CD player and collection of CD’s (Don’t judge me, iPods didn’t become popular until a few months later) My favorite CD? Black Eyed Peas, Elephunk! I couldn’t run for 30 seconds without feeling like my lungs were slowly collapsing or do even 1 modified push-up! I never dieted just kept a food journal and counted calories. After 3 months with the trainer I lost over 30-40lbs but my journey was just beginning. I started to really enjoy working out and the results of my labor. I worked out 6 times a week 2 hours a day religiously. Eventually I dropped over 100lbs in total and fell in love with fitness. 

In 2007 I moved back to my hometown of NYC and decided to pursue a career in fitness, I became a Personal Trainer and eventually A Fitness & Nutritional Director and Kwando Flex instructor at Bally Total Fitness. During my time there I helped many women lose weight and it felt so fulfilling. Although work never felt like work and I loved what I did, I decided to leave to figure out what I was going to do with myself. I went back to school and gradually gained weight about 30lbs or more, so disappointing. I always thought about going back to fitness but how could I? After gaining weight, losing motivation I couldn’t so I remained stagnant for a while. I tried going back to the gym several times and would go for a few weeks and then stop or as soon as the weather got warmer….then stopped or for my new years resolution…yea that didn’t last long! My motivation completely fizzled.

In February I witnessed 2 women that lost a nice amount of weight and that sparked my motivation again. Thank you Mindy Colette and Catherine Guisao!

My good friend Catherine has been such a great influence and inspiration! Since we were together often we worked out, I started running a little (because she is a pro runner) and making better choices…eating primarily organic food. This led me to being much more consistent I dropped about 15lbs in 2 months; but I hit a plateau.

So I hired a professional! I have been working with a trainer since March, I have made great improvements with my physique, lost 4lbs in the first week. He has me on a strict meal plan. He has really motivated me to stay fit and work hard.

My goal now is to gain muscle and get lean…I want to be fit so I can support others in doing the same. I no longer worry so much about the number on the scale, I see the changes in my clothes and in the mirror that is what matters. I am not focused on being skinny anymore, I want to be healthy and fit!